Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Lucky 13 Lounge Review, Tuesday 15th July 2008

One of the many and great pleasures of hosting a music night is the chance to hang out with talented musicians. So, last night, there were 4 top acts at the lounge, one regular, two second timers, and a self confessed newbie, though judging by his keyboard talents, is underestimating his own capabilities.

First up was the superb Eddie's Brother, with a sharp set played on a five string guitar. What impressed last night was not so much the material, which is clearly a strong set of highly crafted songs and is always good, but Chris' guitar technique, which blended jazz voicings, rhythm and time signature changes, and arpeggios seamlessly. All guitar players should try and check this guy out - Chris claims it is "musical meanderings", but I would argue that this is a craftsman at work.

Next up was Tim Eveleigh, with a set of strong songs, and a great voice. Tim is appearing outside the Croydon Council offices on an open stage on Friday lunchtime (18th July), and at the N1 shopping centre, Islington, on Saturday daytime. Clearly the spirit of Woodstock lives on! Tim does some fantastic music promotion in and around London, through his Freedom of Expression organisation, and all budding musicians and enthusiasts should check it out.

Third on was Aaron McMullan, who we were glad to invite back to the Lounge for the second time. Aaron again delivered a raw, intense and passionate set, with a performance that captivated the audience. Finally, Jonny Carr closed the show, with his first performance at the Lucky Lounge. Continuing the tradition of a random unexpected cover in the Lounge, Jon slipped in The Cure's "Boys don't cry". His set, and musicianship were strong, and we look forward to having all these guys back soon.

The next Lucky 13 Lounge is on Tuesday 29th July, at 7:30pm, at the Istanbul Meze, 100 Cleveland Street, London, W1T 6NS. Rod on!

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