Friday, 6 June 2008

Al Green - Lay It Down

More often than not, the long awaited "new album" from an established artist or band is, frankly, a damp squib - note Buddy Guy, "The Real Deal", with GE Smith and the Saturday Night Live Band, or BB King "Dueces Wild" - both tired supper club albums.

However, The Very Reverend Al Green, of the Full Gospel Tabernacle , Memphis TN, has pulled something really special out of the bag - a secular album that is the logical successor to his great 70s sides for Willie Mitchell's Hi Records. Each and ever track is an absolute stunner, and Green is back on familiar form, but with a modern R and B tinge to some of the arrangements. Lyrically, the album is not strong, but the great man's voice reigns supreme - if the duets with "modern artists" serve any purpose, it is to demonstrate the wonderful gift of Green's voice, phrasing and emotive capability.

Man, you just have to hear this record.....soul dynamite!

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