Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Lucky 13 Lounge a(Franco)-Flame

And so, last night, to the Lucky 13 Lounge at the Istanbul Meze, Cleveland Street, London, our fortnightly acoustic music night. 5 acts, 30 people, some cold beers and a mild sore head on the way to work the following morning.

First up was Niccie Simpson with Danny Shaw on guitar, both students at the Royal Academy of Music's jazz course. A fantastic set, with some jazz standards, and Al Green's "Lets Stay Together" as an opener. Niccie's fantastic voice had just the right amount of stardust, and gelled perfectly with Danny's Gibson ES135.

Next was 2 numbers from the great Phil Lunn, a Lucky 13 Lounge stalwart, with Madeleine on cello, followed by Edmund MacGowan, who had recently survived a rock and roll skirmish at the Phoenix Arms. After Edmund, for the first time at the Lounge was the intense and dark brooding songsmithery of Aaron McMullan, a Christy Moore for the modern age.

Finally, to close the show, was the original churning urn of burning funk, Franco Flame, accompanied in part by the Shames on percussion. Like a 1950s American gas attendant on acid and former cellmate of Johnny Cash, he blazed his way through 30 minutes of, twanging a handmade 1970s Italian guitar that appeared to be fashioned by the blackest of all Stradivarius' sheep descendants.

Artists tracks are posted at the Lucky 13 Lounge myspace, and we'll be back with the Quiet Loner, Benjamin Shaw and Phil Lunn on Tuesday July 1st.

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